BVBody Painting & Canvas Painting Making OfBV


Bella Volen


















United Nations Peace Memorial exhibition, Busan, South Korea
Wb-Prodution project
October 2015


Seoul, South Korea, art trade show, representing WB-Festival
October 2015


Hotel Sofitel, Malabo, Ecuatorial Guinea, West Africa, August 2015


Ozora Festival, Hungary, August 2015







November 2014, World Bodypainting Academy with Bella Volen,
Camouflage body painting workshop in Vienna, Austria

Art installation in South Korea, Seoul, 28. October 2014

Workshop demonstration in South Korea
Body painting step by step

Portrait order

Studio in Vienna

Making of photos, photographed by Martin Rauschenwald in Palais Palffy


body painting making of

body painting making of

face painting making of

Canvas painting step by step making of


detail 2


canvas painting, step by step

acryl Malerei

acrylic painting, portrait step by step

acryl malerei portrait


Bodypainting making of, created in Korea in 2012

body painting making of, created in Bella Volen's studio in 2012 in Vienna


Körperbemalung making of. Bella Volen's Atelier in Palais Palffy in Wien

Medusa, body painting and paintloon making of, made in 2012

Vienna Fashion Week making of

studio Bella Volen

studio Bella Volen

canvas painting making of

Bella Volen

hand made paper from the paper museum in Andong, South Korea

making of paintloon

making of körperbemalungmaking of in Atrio

bodypainting for fashion

Making of body painting for a fashion show in Atrio, Villach, Austria on 5.July 2012


Bodypainting Making Of, Australia 2012

Body painting making of 2012

coca cola bodypainting making ofCoca Cola making of, Spring Break Festival 2012

Melt and Burn- canvas painting making of

water color plates

bodypainting award Slovenia

bodypainting slovenia-first place award


Körperbemlung Making Of

Body painting on a Thail comedian actor, ภาพวาดร่างกาย

Paintloon Making of 2010

paintloon layout and end result

layout paintloon and end result

paintloon, body painting making of, Körperkunst Entwicklung der Arbeit, боди арт, бодипейнтинг процес на развитие.

bodypainting farben


making of- Paintloon Decor, Germany


layout Louis Vitoun

making of

making of

making of

Bella Volen after a show in Milan with her model and as a judge at the Milan Body Art Contest 2008 in ItalyBella Volen working on a creation at the Swiss Body Painting Day 2007Bella Volen painting at the Swiss Body Painting Day 2008

pinsel.jpgbodypainting award at the Shanghai  Body Painting Festival 2009, Chinabodypainting cakes

pinsel fuer bodypainting

brushes for bodypainting

bodypainting materials