Fine Art Body Painting Award


THE FINE ART BODYPAINTING AWARD 2014-2015 deadline has been changed.

The new deadline is 31.July 2015




english.gif Bella Volen and I-FAB: International Fine Art Bodypainting Association:

Beginning of the application time for the



Bella Volen und I-FAB: International Fine Art Bodypainting Association:

Anfang der Bewerbungszeit für den





3.7 2014

english.gif Bella Volen and I-FAB: International Fine Art Bodypainting Association will give the second



Bella Volen und I-FAB: International Fine Art Bodypainting Association vergeben zum zweiten mal den




Fine Art Bodypainting Movemnet

seeing eye


Application Guidelines 2013-2014

star The World Body Painting Festival in connection with  I-FAB ( International Fine Art Body Painting Association) will present its second Fine Art Body Painting Award in 2013-2014

Artists from all over the world are welcome and invited to submit.

Please see submission guidelines below.


The Chelco Foundation
Living Art America


starApplication 2013-2014:

Round 1
Please send the following information via e-mail

Application includes: full name, artistic name, address, web site: (if you have one), phone number, e-mail, country of origin, country of residence.  Also supply a short cv/ bio (max 500 characters)

  • 15 images of your best work as jpg files. Image size: 72 dpi and 2000 pixel (depending on horizontal or vertical size). You can also use a ftp website and send us a link to download your entire application as a zip file. One could use:


  • All work submitted must be titled as follows: number of the art work, artist name,  title of the work, year of creation. Example: 1_ArtistName_ExampleTitle_11.jpg
  • You are welcome to submit your files starting on 25. of June 2013 till Austrian time on 15.December 2013
  • E-mail address for applications:
  • On 25.of December we will announce the five best painters.
  • The five chosen will be awarded with a special gift and can continue in Round 2.

Round 2

  • The five final painters will create two additional fine art body paintings and will send the till 25.June 2014
  • The final winner will be announced at the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria in the summer of 2014. ( Date to be confirmed)
  • The award is 1000.–$ cash



Body Painting is one of the most ancient art forms to date, continuously growing and changing. Our goal is to have a competition without themes. Rather we support those of you who live and enjoy the art of body painting. Those who create different and innovative conceptual works with the human body as their canvas. We feel this competition should focus on your creative development and bringing the industry of body painting to a higher level. Works from standard body painting competitions will not be accepted!



Fine Art Bodypainting Award 2011

star3. July. 2011, Bella Volen & IFABgave the first Fine Art Body Paint Award ( 1000,--$ cash, accommodation for WBF 2012, two workshops for free at WBP Academy and one original art work by Bella) to the incredible Agnieszka Glinska and Art Color Ballet from Poland

I would like to thank the amazing Craig Tracy and Alex Barendregt for the sponsorship and support!

starThe first ten placed artists are invited to become honorary members of IFAB.

We have recieved 35 applications from 20 countries.

Here the first ten and a few photos:

1. Agnieszka Glinska- Poland


2. Lou Andrea Gaup- Canada


3. Dallae Bae- South Korea


4. Johannes Stötter- Italy


5. Michael Rosner- USA


6. Riina Laine- Finland


7. Lawren Alice- USA


8. Evgeny Freeone- Russia


9. Scott Fray- USA


10. Peter & Petra Tronser- Germany


Mr. Scot Fray was the first invited member in March 2011 in Dallas. This is the reason why we will invite also number

11- Wolf Reicherter- Germany



starThank you very much for your time, art works and passion!