Thailand 2011

Two Body Painting Trips

seeing eye

bodypainting_star.png27. March 2011, FIRST PRIZE AWARD at Samui International Body Painting Festival, Thailand

A special THANK YOU goes to the organizers: Work Point Limited (TV company) who managed in the hard monsoon and

rain conditions.

ภาพวาดร่างกาย, bodypainting in Thailandภาพวาดร่างกาย

The awards after very heavy rain.

Final day- Heaven on Earth. My idea was a Recipe of Happiness: The harmony between your mind, heart ( emotions)

and the intuition, all three as crystals, connected with the red thread of life.

winner of the samui body painting festival 2011 in Thailand, ภาพวาดร่างกาย


Day one: Under the Deep Blue Sea

deep_ocean_Thailand, ภาพวาดร่างกาย

thailand-body-painting, ภาพวาดร่างกายbody art in thailand, art festival, koh samui 2011, ภาพวาดร่างกาย

painting festival in thaialnd, stage performance, koh samui 2011samui bodypainting festival 2011, Thailand

presentation on stage- first day of the samui body painting festival in thailand 2011


bodypainting_star.png28. February 2011, Promotional painting in Thailand for TV

Bella is back from Bangkok,Thailand. I had the pleasure to paint promotional works for the coming Samui Body Painting Festival in Thailand.

My work was presented at two of the best TV shows and a press conference.

Big Mum Tv show with the Thai star comedians Mum Jokmok, Ball & actor-singer Andy Kempimook


Thailand Body Painting by Bella Volen for a TV show, ภาพวาดร่างกาย

Samui_International_Bodypainting_Festival-Promotion-Paintings, ภาพวาดร่างกาย



Samui Body Painting Festival press conference

Press conference with the mayor of Koh Samui island

Samui Body Painting Festival press conference in Bangkok


A popular Thai monkey film actor

Samui Body Painting Fesival press conference

Bella as a guest in the popular Mum Show, which airs every Saturday night. Mum Jokmok is a Thai television and movie star.

The bodypainted man is a fomous Thai comedian.

tv show in thailand with Bella and her body painting as a guest, ภาพวาดร่างกาย

body painting by Bella Volen in Thailand, tv showBody painting on a Thail comedian actor, ภาพวาดร่างกาย