Dear web travelers, I have a new blog on the fantastic new social media platform STEEMIT.


Feel free to have a look.


Of course, you can also follow me on Facebook & Instagram, but I will be posting my best content on steemit. Why? Because it is a fair system. Unfortunately, Facebook became too commercial. Before it was possible to create quality content, and the posts were seen by many people. This has changed since Facebook is focused on pushing people to boost, pay for their posts in order to be seen. This concept might bring them more money, but on the long run will push creative people to share their art and ideas somewhere else, where these are appreciated for what they are.


What would you find in my posts?


I will be writing not only about my art. There will be articles about different countries, photography & videos, traditions, art history, old cultures, science, technology, information about  the human body, archeology, poetry, and every interesting topic I find special and important to share. Knowledge is as important as air for me. I love reading, researching and traveling.


I am looking forward to seeing you there.

+43/699 132 29 826, Vienna, Austria



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