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Vegan for life

Art is my life -
My dreams, my hopes, my escape route, my breath, my gift, my sweetest everything.
Beginning and end, chaos and harmony.
All that I need, all that I want.
The only thing always with me, the only thing which can`t hurt me.
Art can`t make me suffer, it only makes me happy.
Art-it is in me and I am in it.



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BVBella Volen is Vienna-based professional fine & visual artist, who works world wide as an artist and art instructor.

Bella works with different medias as cooks use different flavors. Her focus is mainly in canvas painting and human transformations through body painting, photography and video,  but she does also murals, performance, installations, stage design, stage costumes and book illustrations. In 2009 after a trip to Shanghai, Bella came up with an idea and this idea became a new art form and direction called: Paintloon- there where balloon sculpting meets paint.

Bella creates also ChromaDepth 3D paintings on canvas and installations. Through the special ChromaDepth technology the painting become multi-dimentional.

She has a master degree in painting and has been awarded with 18 prizes at competitions all around the world, lecturer at the World Bodypainting Academy, judge and curator of projects and competitions.

Coming from an established arts family in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, Bella was raised as third and sixth generation artist among painters, sculptors, dancers and poets.
Her natural talent was supported with thirteen years of formal study in some of the most prestigious art institutes including the fine arts secondary school and the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. In 2003 Bella moved to Vienna, where she has studied painting.

She is currently writing a book about the ritual body art history, which should be ready in 2017 and took many years of research.

Since 1998 her works have been exhibited in Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, England, China, South Korea, Thailand, USA and Venezuela.

„A big part of my paintings have been inspired by quantum physics and the phenomenon of time.
The total work of art is my biggest passion, where all our senses are activated.  My work is a mixture of places and cultures, a search for the true path, a tea ceremony of the future. Tectonic dynamic - a rhythm in form. Flowing musical movement, delicate tactility and melting borders. I am a moment hunter, searching between the time and the unspoken words. Running after brave dreams, believing in wonders, this is my nature.
Music has been always my biggest inspiration, it is the most powerful art form. One of my latest art collection transforms canvas, real bodypainted people and music instruments in one installation, because we all are connected, we all
are stardust.
Art is a mirror – let’s change the reflection!

If asked
the nature of chanoyu (tea ceremony)
say it's the sound
of windblown pines
in a painting

~Sen Sotan, (1578-1658)

And this is what I am trying to create, paintings, which are alive. I am always working on the „windblown trees“ in my work. „


BVBella is represented worldwide by WB-Production agency.

BVBella Volen has created art projects for following companies & institutions (selection):

United Nations (2015), Unesco (2008), Walt Disney (2016), Jaguar (2013), The Government of Venezuela (2010), The Government of Thailand (2011), WWF (2009), Acqua Colonia/ 4711, Lush, Donna Karan, Nescafe, Fashion Tv, Crocs, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Red Bull, Hotel Sofitel (Equatorial Guinea, Africa), Waschhaus (Potsdam, Germany), Krone Hit, Kronen Zeitung, ÖBB, Adil Besim, Ö3, Vero Moda, Wrigly, Spar, Lidl, Hotel Victoria (Tirol), Hotel Klosterbräu (Tirol), Zur Schwebischen Jungfrau, Aldes, Imago, Terra Nigra, WKO- Austrian Chamber of Economy, Pharmacyclics, Oxymoron Dance Company & Waschhaus Potsdam etc.

BVIn Dallas, march 2011, Craig Tracy and Bella Volen founded I-FAB: International Fine Art Bodypainting Association and are giving the Fine Art Body Painting Award.

In 2011 Bella presented the first Fine Art Body Painting Award at the World Body Painting Festival.



Bella Volen

Name: Bella Volen

Mob. +43/699 132 29 826

E-mail: info [at] bella-volen.com

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1982
Lives since 2003 in Vienna, Austria
Works worldwide

Kunstquartier, Aichholzgasse 51-53, A-1120 Wien




Doctorate of philosophy in Art, University of Applied Arts, Vienna


Diploma, master degree in painting


Study of painting at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna (Prof. Wolfgang
Herzig, Prof. Johanna Kandl, Prof. Heribert Just)


Study of graphic arts and printmaking techniques at the National Academy of
Fine Arts , Sofia, Bulgaria


Art course in drawing after the old masters (Prof. Katja Kostova and
Prof. Peter Chuklev)

April 2000

Art exchange, City of Bath College, England


Ilia Petrov National High School of Fine Arts (special subject: painting),
Sofia, Bulgaria


Fine arts courses for drawing, painting and composition (Prof. Ganovski and Reggio )





Solo echibitions:


Rain of Senses, Vienna International Association, Vienna Austria


VIVA ART GALLERY "Inner and Outer World", Vienna Austria


Gallery Villa Sunshine, Velden, Austria


Quantum Vitalis, Herrenhof, Mussbach, Germany


Exhibition for Work Point Entertainment/ Bangkok, Thailand


The Time Arrow, Mental & Physical Transformations, Diploma exhibition, Austria

1- 7/ 2005

Kapsh CarrierCom AG , Vienna, Austria


Diploma exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria


bodypainting_star.pngGroup exhibitions:


Visual Duet, Emma Hack & Bella Volen, City Gallery Klagenfurt, Austria


The Lake-Blue Heaven, International Spring Art Salon, Qingdao, China


Tempo rare, Waschhaus Potsdam, Germany, performance


Tempo rare, Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany, performance


Tempo rare, performance and videos, Waschhaus, Potsdam, Germany


The Memories We Share, interactive exhibition, United Nations Memorial, Busan, South Korea


Fantastic Venus, International art exhibition in the city hall of Viechtach, Germany


Spiegelwesen, 34 works in For friends Hotel Tirol, Austria. De Es & Bella Volen


Artist connection. German & Austrian exhibition in Tsingtao, China

10/ 2014

Fine Art Exhibition, Bodies as a Work of Art, Atlanta, USA
Kuratorin & Künstlerin


Velvenoir – be a P-ART Vernissage, Salzburg, Austria


International art congress, Seoul, South Korea


Fine Art Exhibition, Bodies as a Work of Art, The Westside Cultural Arts Center, Atlanta, USA

First exhibition as a curator. Also participation as an artist.

27.4-15.11/ 2012

Imago-Phantastic Art, Barockschloss Riegersburg - Baroque palace in Lower Austria


International art congress, Seoul, South Korea


Museum of Fantastic Realism booth at Luxury, please ( Luxury fair) in Hofburg, Vienna, Austria


Museum of Fantastic Realism / Palais Palffy / Vienna, Austria


Bella's biggest painting Jet Lag, or Follow the North Wind (228 x 300 cm/ 89.1 in x 118.1 in / is includet in the permenent exhibition


Fantastic Realism Exhibition / Gallery Dikmayer / Berlin


Arte Corporal Show at the Museum of Fine Arts Caracas/ Venezuela

6-7/ 2009      

Essence 09, Vienna , Austria


Art Advent Calender, City hall, Vienna, Austria


Using Foto, Praterstrasse 15, Month of the photography, Vienna, Austria


Bilder im Birkenwald, wirken bald, Praterstrasse 15, Vienna, Austria


Sailing for the Olympics, Fine Art Museum Tsing Tao, China

4/ 2007

Cross Borders, Masc Foundation, Vienna, Austria

4/ 2007

The colors of Bulgaria, Museum Friedrichshof, Austria


East meets west, Galerie Art 21, Tulln, Austria

6/ 2006

Essence 06, Mak Museum, Vienna, Austria

6/ 2006  

Q_Spectacle, Orth an der Donau, Austria

5/ 2006

Performaty Goes Business, Anorak,Vienna, Austria

3/ 2006 

The Tree Of Life, Society of the Bulgarian Artists, Sofia, Bulgaria

7/ 2005

Body Painting Another Expression, Culture house, Seeboden, Austria

6/ 2005 

Malstrom, University for Applied Arts Vienna, Austria

7/ 2005

Déjà Vu, Kunst Quartier Vienna, Austria

3/ 2003

Gallery Sais, Sofia, Bulgaria

12/ 2002

The Time, Society of the Bulgarian Artists, Sofia (13 works included), Bulgaria

5/ 2001

National House of the Culture Sofia, Bulgaria

6/ 2000

Euro-Bulgarian Culture Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

4/ 2000  

The Lighthouse and the Storm, Bath, England

3/ 1999  

Sofia City Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

5/ 1998

Gallery X-S, Sofia, Bulgaria




Prize of Excellence/ Award of Distinction from ART NOW 3: The 3rd Annual Juried Contemporary Art Online Competition. The award is one-page in " Art in Vogue 100 Contemporary Artists" a quality art book in Masters of Today series. The book will be released in 2011 in print run of 25,000 copies.

Bodypainting Award Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia 2013- 1st prize

Face Effects Award Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia 2013- 1st prize

Beauty Forum Zurich, Body Painting Trophy, Switzerland 2013- 1st prize

Maribor Body Painting Award, Slovenia 2012- 1st prize

Samui Body Painting Champion, Thailand 2011- 1st prize

Pepsi Body Painting Master, Italy 2010 - 1st prize

Shanghai Body Painting Champion, China 2009 - 1st prize

MIST Stockholm Body Painting Champion, Sweden 2008 - 1st prize

World Body Painting Fluoro Champion, Austria 2006 - 1st prize

Swiss Body Painting Day, Switzerland 2009 - 1st prize

Swiss Body Painting Day, Switzerland 2006 - 1st prize


Special Effects Award, Lugano, Switzerland 2013- 2 nd prize

Beauty Forum Leipzig, Body Painting Trophy, Germany 2013,- 2nd prize

Beauty Forum Zurich, Face Effects Trophy, Switzerland 2013- 2nd prize

Swiss Body Painting Day, Switzerland 2007- 2nd prize

Casino Austria Seefeld, Austria 2008 - 2nd prize

Swiss Body Painting Day, Switzerland 2008 - 3rd prize

Jury Member: Living Art America, North Carolina 2016, USA

Jury Member: World Installation Award 2016, Austria

Jury Member: Living Art America, Atlanta 2015, USA

Jury Member: World Installation Art Award, World Bodypainting Festival 2014, Austria

Jury Member & Founder: Fine Art Bodypainting Award, World Body Painting Festival 2014, Austria

Jury Member: Living Art America, Atlanta 2014, USA

Jury Member: Living Art America Greensboro, Greensboro 2014, USA

Jury Member: Living Art America, Atlanta 2013, USA

Jury Member: International Body Painting Festival, Bardolino 2013, Italy

Jury Member and curator: World Installation Art Award, World Bodypainting Festival 2013, Austria

Jury Member: Make It Up, Body Painting Award, Vienna 2012, Austria

Jury Member: International Body Painting Festival, Daegu 2012, South Korea

Jury Member: Australian Bodyart Awards, 2012, Daylesford, Australia

Jury Member: Beauty Forum Munich, Bodypainting competition 2011, Germany

Jury Member & Founder: Fine Art Body Painting Award 2011, Austria

Jury Member: North American Body Painting Championship 2011, USA

Jury Member: International Body Painting Festival 2010, Germany

Jury Member: World Body Painting Festival 2009, Austria

Jury Member: Welsh Body Painting Festival 2009, Wales, UK

Jury Member: World Bodypainting Festival ASIA 2008, Daegu / South Korea

Jury Member: Milan Body Art Contest 2008, Italy


bodypainting_star.pngArt Instructor:

Teacher at the World Body Painting Academy - composition, colour theory, history of body painting, body painting

Teacher at Academy Geras: Contemporary objective painting



World Body Painting Association

IG Bildende Kunst


I-FAB- Fine Art Body Painting Association


bodypainting_star.pngBook publications:

2014- The Human Canvas, USA
2013- Encyclopedia of The Fantastic Artist, Austria
2012- Champion at Heart, Austria

2008- Body Painting Transformations by Bella Volen

2012- The Art of Body Painting, The Netherlands
2011- Art in Vogue 100 Contemporary Artists, Masters of Today, UK
2011- Art Book Bulgaria 2010, Bulgaria ( 21 pages profile included)
2011- World Art Dictionary, USA
2011- Body Art Fashion, by Karala B, Austria
2008- Bringing Body Painting to Life, Austria

Many book illustrations


Paintloon: ballon art meets body painting by Bella Volen

pinsel2.jpgmixing paint

Bella Volen and her canvas works