Bella Volen after a show in Milan with her model and as a judge at the Milan Body Art Contest 2008 in ItalyBella Volen working on a creation at the Swiss Body Painting Day 2007Bella Volen painting at the Swiss Body Painting Day 2008

About my body painting

Body painting is unique and very old.
There are so many ways to be human. How we decorate our bodies tells others who we are. There are so many marks of identity and these are parts of being a human.

Body painting, or bodypainting, is a form of body art. Body art is art made on, with, or consisting of, the human body and can be used in fine arts, installations, but is also the perfect eye catcher for any event, live show, advertisement, promotion, photo shooting, music videos, cd covers, fashion shows or more.

This art form is unique and very old. I love it because it is alive: the painted body can move, dance, sing. On human skin you can create a 3D illusion, an alien, a building. You can express feelings, a whole world, yet this world will exist for a few hours, will stay in your mind, disappearing later into running water. This art form is like a kiss, you simply have to enjoy the present moment.

"Body painting helps us regain contact with something inside us that is unfathomable, raw and untouched. Something fundamentally and exclusively human that is waiting to be released and allowed to reveal itself."

pinsel.jpgbodypainting award at the Shanghai  Body Painting Festival 2009, Chinabodypainting cakes

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Bodypainting classes:
Original art, bodypainting prints, workshop bookings: (in English & German)

You can book body painting for:

  • Events (with ot without company logos)
  • Advertising photo shootings and commercial videos
  • Trade shows
  • Festivals
  • Performance with UV light body painting or with normal body painting colors
  • Music videos, tv spots, fashion shows, films, theater, posters, book or cd covers
  • Paintloon costumes and sculptures with or without led lights
  • Parties with bodypainted dancers, singers, actors
  • Visitors body painting (The guests choose a part of the face, arms or shoulders, which can be painted)
  • Private photo shooting

The dancers, models, singers, performers, photo package and video production can be also provided by my team.

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An interesting aspect of my fine art body painting work is the removal of sexuality.
The most of my ­artworks contain genderless messages that call to both male and female viewers with the same curious invitations. The commercial body paintings are something different.

At the beginning my body paintings were more decorative than my canvas paintings. Many of them were made for competitions or events. Now I am mainly interested in the creation itself. I was creating androgynous art and I still do. The difference is that now I work much more on the concept, the idea behind and I like to play with the space around, so the body will be a part of the whole atmosphere. At the moment I do not just paint on bodies, I do contemporary body transformations.


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