The installation body painting is a meeting point of different art directions and visual aspects. It could be a combination of assemblage art, land art, fashion, stage design, costumes, props, objects, sculptures, plants, performance and painted bodies. The boundary between fine art body painting, camouflage and installation body painting are sometimes very thin.








Dream Big
Installation by Bella Volen

Dedicated to the children of Korea and the child in you.

The metamorphosis of the human body, or actually not having one anymore, going beyond is always heartbreaking for the living once. There are no helping words, no sense, no right time. There is nothing to take the place of a gone beloved, nothing to erase the pain or stop the memories coming back like a hungry hunter and it all feels wrong, the human choices and the God’s will. And still I do believe it is only a transformation. Maybe somewhere there, among the stars they are getting ready for a new path.  Nothing gets really lost, it is just like a caterpillar…

In 2014 a ship sank in South Korea with about 300 children on board. They all left this world.
I wanted to create an artwork dedicated to them, but also to the living children of this beautiful country.

As a big dreamer I want to remind the living once a few things:

The dreams are free, the action we take to make them real too, it is only a matter of choice. I believe we are here on this planet to find the best way to be happy and leave something behind us, something of value, something which matters.
Keep the sparkle in your heart and eyes alive. Pray to the powers, or Gods you feel connected to, but don’t forget your body and mind are also a temple, the only one, which really keeps you moving. Be good to them. Take care of the ideas you plant as seeds and let them grow and become big dreams, big goals, big reasons to wake up with a smile and go on every day till the day has come they are real and you can enjoy and think of the next once. Step by step, road after road, it is not only about the final result. The journey is what changes us. Enjoy it.

As my favorite friend Napolen says: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

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Collection: Music

The Birth Of a Crystal
Everything by Bella Volen
Assistants: Mick Ueda & Chiaki Otake
Models: Alfredo Antonio & Edi
Installation during an exhibition participation in Salzburg on 31.July 2014

Bodypainting Installation with painted round backdrop and balloons



Collection: Music

Your Body is Your Temple
Everything by Bella Volen
Model: Toma
Vienna, 2014
Bodypainting Installation with painted canvas room divider during exhibition opening of
Bella Volen's solo exhibition in VIVA ART GALLERY on 15. July 2014


fine art bodypainting by Bella Volen 2014

fine art bodypainting part 2 by Bella Volen 2014


Collection: Music

We Are a Part of Nature
Everything by Bella Volen
Model: Michail
Sofia, 2014
Bodypainting Installation & inc drawing with brush on hand made Korean paper & canvas + ukulele

In black & white, or in color, we are a part of nature. Sing a song in your own way. The perception is the key.
We are a part of nature not apart from nature.

Find the video under VIDEO


led costume bodypainting balloon art

balloon art dance performance and costume



Dance & music performance
Everything by Bella Volen
Model/ dancer: Salome

Vienna 2013

Find the video under VIDEO



Balloon decor_Spring design, Toy Fare Germany


Toy Fare Germany 2010/ Spielzeug Messe Deutschland 2010
Photo/ Foto: Bella Volen
Spring/ Frühling
Stuttgart, 2010

300 cm, 181,1 in


Balloon decoration, Spielzeug Messe, Stuttgart


Toy Fare Germany 2010/ Spielzeug Messe Deutschland 2010
Photo/ Foto: Bella Volen
Summer & Fall / Sommer & Herbst
Stuttgart, 2010

300 cm, 181,1 in



Balloons Decoration, Summer

Ballons twisting- Summer Paintloon


Toy Fare Germany 2010/ Spielzeug Messe Deutschland 2010
Photo/ Foto: Bella Volen
Summer / Sommer
Stuttgart, 2010


Luftballonen Dekor Herbst


Toy Fare Germany 2010/ Spielzeug Messe Deutschland 2010
Photo/ Foto: Bella Volen
Herbst / Fall
Stuttgart, 2010


winter-Ballon twisiting, Paintloon


Toy Fare Germany 2010/ Spielzeug Messe Deutschland 2010
Photo/ Foto: Bella Volen
Stuttgart, 2010

300 cm, 181,1 in



I had the pleasure to be a final guest at the 6. th World Meeting of Bulgarian Media.

Organizers & photos: Bulgarian News Agency.

Location: Vienna, Hotel Hilton, 19 of May 2010

Model: Shlomit

body painting elements: traditional Bulgarian places and folklore elements

About the concept:

The tea cups are symbol of TIME: past, present, future.Often we hide behind layers of words, language, opinions and believes that cover our true self. Only when we learn to wash away these layers our true identity will be revealed. The naked truth is what we need.Only time can guide us and bring us back to our origin.We where born naked and we will leave this earth naked.










The Blue Room
Video and Installation

2007, Masc Foundation exhibition

The Blue Room


This room and the video were created for the exhibition Cross Borders 2007
in Masc Foundation/ Vienna/

Link with panorama photos: look at Pano 3

„The Film is an open window „. It gives us a chance to take a look at different worlds"

To enjoy other life's stories makes us as voyeurs stared at the neighbours window.
This is the reason why I painted a window on the wall, put this slogan inside
and projection my video work in it. On the blue walls were painted shadows from film stars. 

The Mirror is an important character in the video. The dolls and fruits are the seducing part.

Kitsch, Flirting, Love & a bit More
50 min/ color/ Enlgish & German

A parody and truth

This video is a crazy mix of interviews with people from different countries, body language, parties, reality, poetry, searching, loneliness and hope. One sees strange, funny, sensitive, normal, dancing and drunk people talking about flirting, kissing, love, feelings and fears. What is the FLIRT about? Is it always with an aim?

A main part of the project is a book called: 1001 New Flirt Expressions. I found the book online.

It is a collection with flirt expressions written for men.

The video characters:

The Rain, The Fucker, The Horse, The Risk, The Friend, The Lost Love,
The Found Love, The Passion, The Hope, The Illusion, The Hopeless,
The Nervous One, The Guitar, The Wine, He, She, We and the special guest is The Mirror

Poetry part: Inspired by my father- the poet and writer Volen Nikolaev and
two of his works The Paper Tiger and The Nostalgia Store

A part of the text:

„-I love the rain, it is as the weather is playing piano, now it is here,
but after a while far away...

The Rain:
It is time to go, it is time to stop. I have other plans, but I will leave you my most  beautiful glisten...

The Mirror:
Its me again. You are not afraid of your self, or are you? May be we all have it in our selves- a different self. May be some of us are afraid of it, as if it is something in a shop window. That's why they are protecting them selves with aggression, they don’t want to understand the others and they will act this way till they have broke this other part.

The Horse:
Who are you? Why are you staring at me?

The Risk:
I am The Risk

The Horse:
You are the one who make people love me!
I am just a horse in the beginning of the new century, the new era. And what about you?

The Risk:
I think you are not afraid. I think we are going in the same direction. We live. We follow one or a few versions. Destiny gives us exams and like this chooses which one is for us. Absolutely modern exams with IQ tests and other new technologies and brain checks. Things often happen by accident, well at least the others believe so.
The others who close them selves of, who are contend, what is acceptable to society.
This is what is called: decency. They don’t want to see the chance and to go in to another path in the labyrinth. To meet other people, to live in a different way.
To love in a different way. To enjoy, work in a different way. They  turn their cold face the other way, they clime the stars to the iron door and than close
it in front of the stranger. They swear the person who deals a wrong phone number.
They are afraid, oh how afraid of the feeling even of a small risk.
But the risk dose not care, it makes the present fuller, it awards us with the past, with the memories. It gives us the right to have strange dreams...even after time gone by.

The Horse:
Is there someone waiting for me?

The Risk:
Is there someone waiting for us?