Commission painting for Garuda Warrior Academy
September, 2016, Vienna, Austria

The Garuda
Mural painting step by step making of video.
A commission work for the Garuda Warrior Academy-a martial arts school in Vienna, Austria.
The wall painting was created at the end of August & beginning of September 2016.
Everything is a free hand work. I have not used a projector to transfer the layout.


Commission for ChuChu restaurant.

May 2016, Vienna, Austria



Private project, mural in a garden, Vienna, Austria, 2009








Church Mural

Unfortunately since 2008 the following murals do not exist anymore. The new abbess decided they have to be repainted white. We were not informed and found out about it by coincidence. This is what happens when low educated people with no idea of culture, traditions and art have power and control on cultural, historical property!

Created by Marina Ivanova ( my mother), Violeta Tenva and me.

This fresco was made as a charity project for The Sveta Troitsa Monastery (Monastery of the Holy Trinity, built in the 12th. century) near Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. We have painted for about a month in the summer time from 1998 till 2004. Here are only a few photos from the first part of the project.

sveta_troitza_holy_trinity.jpg sveta_troitsa_1.jpg


The monastery has existed ever since the period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. It has been one of the centres of spiritual life and has been supported by the aristocracy. Here is made the famous writing reform in the ancient Bulgarian writing style which is afterwards distributed all over the Slavic countries. Monk Evtimii, who is chosen for a patriarch in 1371, has been working in this monastery. After the fall of Bulgaria under the Ottoman yoke the monastery is plundered and destroyed.
In 1847 the monastery is renovated. Kolyo Ficheto builds a new church which is seriously damaged after the earthquake of 1913 and repaired in 1927.