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this is my new website (October 2017). The News section from my old website had news and events from the past 10 years. Here, in this news section you can news  from 2016 & 2017.


NEWS 2018

Der Q202

Atelier Rundgang 2018


Unser Atelierhaus ist ein Teil von dem Rundgang

Ich bin nur am 20. & 21. April anwesend.


Fr. 20. und Sa. 21. April von 14:00 - 21:00


Aichholzgasse 51-53, Wien 12



Our studio house is open for visitors on 20. & 21. of April from 2:00 - 9:00 pm

The house is open also on the 22.April. I will be there only on the 20. & 21. of April.



Mural painting commission work


 Wandmalerei Auftragsarbeit


April 2018

Mural painting commission making of video

 Wandmalerei Auftrag Entstehung

Mural: February 2018, video: April 2018




MUSIC VIDEO for the band Flamensky


I have created this music video for the Austrian/Spanish band Flamensky and the song Revivir. Their music is beautiful and inspirational. For me it is like a parallel journey on one hand to your inner self, on another hand through the different elements and nature. Their sound is romantic and very synesthetic.


Here you can find their album:

Apple Music:


Google Play:



Music by Rainer Maria Nero & Flamensky

Recorded at RPM Studio Vienna by Arpad Hadnagy

Video by Bella Volen


MUSIKVIDEO für Flamensky und das Lied Revivir


Ich habe dieses Musikvideo für die österreichisch-spanische Band Flamensky und das Lied Revivir gemacht. Ihre Musik ist wunderschön und inspirierend. Für mich ist es wie eine parallele Reise einerseits zu deinem inneren Selbst, andererseits durch die verschiedenen Elemente und die Natur. Die Musik von Flamensky ist romantisch und sehr synästhetisch.


Hier können Sie mehr von Flamensky anhören:

Apple Music:


Google Play:



Musik von Rainer Maria Nero & Flamensky

Aufgenommen in RPM Studio Wien von Arpad Hadnagy

Video: Bella Volen






55 m2 mural on a ceiling with 5 parts.

Night sky painting with a vivid effect through different layers of paint consisting of normal colors, gold, silver and iridescent transparent layers.

As a result, the mural is different from every angle.


Each painting or wall painting of mine is finally sealed with a high-quality acrylic varnish for fine art painting.






55 m2 Wandgemälde auf eine Decke mit 5 Teilen.

Sternehimmel Malerei mit einem lebendigen Effekt durch unterschiedliche Farbschichten bestehend aus normalen Farben, Gold, Silber und irisierenden transparenten Schichten.

Dadurch ist die Wandmalerei von jedem Winkel anders.


Jede Malerei oder Wandmalerei von mir wird zum Schluss mit einem hochwertigen Acryl Lack für Gemälde versiegelt.




NEWS 2017






My art online store has something for everyone's pocket. Art prints, original art, canvas paintings & drawings, vouchers for workshops, online classes, painting commissions, photo packages, art soap and more.

Please let me know if you have any questions.




Mein Kunst Online-Shop hat für jeden etwas dabei. Dort finden Sie Kunstdrucke, Malerei auf Leinwand, Gutscheine für Workshops, Online-Kurse, Gemäldeaufträge, gerne können Sie auch Portrait Fotografie buchen, oder Kunstseifen bestellen.

Für Fragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung.





Kunst Quartier

 Aichholzgasse 51-53


Samstag 18.November 2017


14:00-22:00 Uhr


Das Kunstquartier Meidling ist ein Atelierhaus. Seit 2012 arbeiten hier KünstlerInnen und Kreative aus den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen: Malerei, Zeichnung, Druckgrafik, Illustration, Bildhauerei, Fotografie, Film & Video, Installation, Objektkunst, Performance, Körperkunst, Sound Design, Musik, Mode, Theater, u.a. Anlässlich der Vienna Art Week öffnen viele ihre Ateliers.



14:00-22.00 Uhr

Bella Volen

Kunstquartier, 2. Stock


Verschmelzen von Gemälden, Fotografie und Video durch Augmented Reality Technologie. Bella Volen zeigt Ihre Arbeiten in Verbindung mit Augmentet Reality /Erweiterte Realität Technologie/ durch die ARTIVIVE App. Durch diese Technologie werden Bilder lebendig.


Canvas painting making of video. The work is commission and was created in 4 days at a festival.

August 2017, Ozora, Hungary


May the forest be with you.

Sometimes I ask myself what the trees have seen, how much they know...

The forest is always a perfect location to escape from technology, the battles of the modern world, just to enjoy stillness, and the windblown woods. I wish you all the keep a part of the forest in you.

Painting & video: Bella Volen

Find art prints & original paintings here:


Painted at Ozora Festival official in August 2017 in Hugary

Booking Agency WB Production

Performer: Daniel Schatzdorfer

Bringing ART to LIFE with movement, colours and sound.

Meet the augmented reality app-ARTIVIVE. Thank you Artivive for helping me to expand my work. The following examples are from the Visual Duet exhibition (Emma Hack & Bella Volen) at the Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt. Our exhibition is there till 10.September 2017.

Nequaquam vacuum-Nowhere Is Emptiness

Painting & bodypainting video by Bella Volen

Created for the press conference of the World Bodypainting Festival

on 24.July 2017 in the City Gallery of Klagenfurt.

Model: Raphaela


An exhibition by Emma Hack & Bella Volen

Location: State Gallery in Klagenfurt / Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt

Time: 24.July-10.September 2017



City Gallery Klagenfurt Exhibition


Fine Art Exhibition by Emma Hack & Bella Volen

28-30. July

Bella is a jury member at The World Instalation Award

World Bodypainting Festival Klagenfurt




25. & 27. July

Workshops at WB Academy

Workshop 1-Competition Body Painting

Workshop 2-Portrait Painting on skin

Fine art body painting for the World Bodypainting Festival press conference

in the space of our Visual Duet exhibition in the State Gallery of Klagenfurt.

Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt

Model Raphaela, painting, body painting & photos: Bella Volen

New canvas painting and a making of video

Canvas painting making of
Vienna, Austria 2017

Bella Volen painting
Bella Volen and her painting





3.-6. July

Worksops in Paris, France for SLA Academy



Here you can find information about past and future projects, bodypainting, exhibitions, art videos, art classes, art pints, photography

Promotion body painting for Hotel Sandwirth & Ironman in Klagenfurt, Austria
June 2017
Models: Melanie & Nina, Booking WB-Production

21.June 2017



Music video

Idea, painting, video: Bella Volen

Music from the album CLUB DIVINE vol.2 Spread Your Love

The song Colors was composed by Claus O. Riedl,

produced by REDPMUSIC, Arpad Hadnagy,


Find Club Divine vol.2 here:




Google Play:

13. June

New fine art body painting & painting project with photos & video

Colors of Devotion



Exhibition participation at

The Lake-Blue Heaven, Qingdao Internation Spring Art Salon


19.Mai-10.June in Qingdao, China


Fine art body painting at an exhibition opening of The Lake-Blue Heaven, International Spring Art Salon

Bodypainting, painting & video: Bella Volen

Qingdao, China

May 2017


I participated with this installation and two other canvas paintings.

The invited artists came from all around the world.

The painting is a cityscape with a few famous places in Qingdao, a city in eastern Shandong Province on the east coast of China.

Since Qingdao was the birthplace of Taoism/Daoism/ the center of the painting is a Tao temple. The word Dao means way/path, therefore the central part is a path through the temple, symbolically a way through many gates and stages of life, personal, emotional and spiritual growth as human nature, beings, cultures, and countries, but also the path of the inner world of our own body as a temple of the human spirit, power, mind, faith and duality. All these elements of human nature cannot be easily grasped, explained or understood, their existence is similar to beauty or art-it is only in the eyes of the beholder.

11.-13. Mai


Promotion body painting, commission for The World Bodypainting Festival in Klagenfurt, Austria.

News canvas painting for the exhibition in China

18.April 2017


The Spirit of the Moment

Painting on canvas

Making of video

Vienna, Austria


11.April 2017


CD Cover & music promotion video for CLUB DIVINE vol.1 Good Life


Album available here:

iTunes, Amazon, Google Play , DjShop, Spotify, Deezer


Music by COR

© ℗ redpmusic

© Bella Volen,

© WB Production (Bella Volen's booking agent)

My beautiful model is Freckles

April 2017


commercial body painting for The Austrian Chamber of Economy, 3 days trade show in Klagenfurt in February 2017.

As always my booking agent: WB Production

March 2017


New private fine art body painting

February 2017
New canvas painting


February 2017
Participation in a TV show for the art in Vienna, Austria.

W-24 Tv


Teilnahme in einer Tv Sendung- Wien Spezial auf W-24- Das Stadtfernsehen über die Kunstszene in Wien

February 2017


Commercial body painting for The Austrian Chamber of Economy, 3 days trade show in Klagenfurt.

As always my booking agent: WB Production

February 2017


New private fine art body painting

February 2017
New Video from a 2015 ROMEO & JULIET theater-dance production with professional dancers, actors and performers with a handicap.

January 2017


New fine art body painting for a music CD cover

Fine art body painting video by Bella Volen.

Two days commission camouflage bodypainting & dress painting for the company Pharmacyclics

at the ASH Annual Meeting, American Society of Hematology

3-4 December 2016 in San Diego, USA, Booking WB Production

Fine art body painting video by Bella Volen.

The Life Of The Atoms In Love

Two scientists exploring love, biology and physics.

Art meets science.

30. November 2016, Vienna, Austria.

Mural by Bella Volen
Wandmalerei von Bella Volen

17.November 2016

The Garuda

Mural painting step by step making of video.

A commission work for the Garuda Warrior Academy-a martial arts school in Vienna, Austria.

The wall painting was created at the end of August & beginning of September 2016.

Everything is a free hand work. I have not used a projector to transfer the layout.


Der Garuda

Das ist ein Wandmalerei Video. Hier sieht man wie diese Wandmalerei von Anfang an entsteht.

Die Wandmalerei wurde mit freier Hand gezeichnet und gemalt.

Somit meine ich, dass keine Projekzionen benutz worden sind, sondern nur freie Zeichnung direkt auf der Wand.

Die Wandmalerei wurde Ende August/Anfang September gemalt.

6.November 2016
A video form a commission painting for Ozora festival



A new video from an art installation commission for Ozora Festival.

August 2016, Ozora, Hungary

Charity Calender
Kiddy Ribbon 2017


13 body-face paintings for a charity calender for Kiddy Ribbon- support for children with cancer.
12 Austrian celebrities and the daughter of one of them spent one hour under my brush for this wonderful project.
Celebrities:  Amina Dagi, Roxanne Rapp, Angelika Niedetzy, Volker Grohskopf, Alf Poier, Dolores Schmidinger, Herbert Steinböck and his daugther Tochter Klara, Volker Piesczek, Nina Blum, Carmen Kreuzer, Christoph Fälbl and Tanja Duhovich.


The calender was photographed by Christian Postl.
On this website you will find my own photos from the project.



2 hours offer.


This gives you the chance to get support & help for your projects, or just to start learning if you are a beginner.

Send me an e-mail or a whatsapp message after the booking to arrange an appointment.

Languages: English, German, Bulgarian.

I am looking forward to working with you and supporting your growth in the fastest and best possible way.

One of my students already was a World Champion.


30. September 2016





A visual poem by Bella Volen


The poem shows more or less a surreal vision of the world of an addicted person.

The text afterwards is inspirational for those, who feel lost.

This poem is a result of the pain I went trough of not being able to help people I care about with addiction.

I hope there are others ready for a change.

20.August 2016

Vienna, Austria





Paintloon-Balloon Art Project in Thailand

at Central East Ville Festival, Bangkok, Thailand



Oneness- Human Steps



Music video for Katharina Meerle Wickel,,

Fine art body painting & video: Bella Volen

Vienna, Austria, July 2016

11. August 2016


Commercial bodypainting for Acqua Colonia

Cosmetic brand 4711

Vienna, Austria


August 2016

Canvas painting & body painting installation

Ozora, Hungary

July 2016

Workshops & World Installation Award Judge


World Bodypainting Festival

Pörtschach, Austria



30.Mai-13 Juni 2016

Art direction, sculpting & installation

Bangkok, Thailand






The Jungle Book
Film premiere for Walt Disney in Madrid, Spain


23-24. April 2016

2 days WB-Academy workshops in Vienna


INFORMATION HERE in Geraman & English


⚜Dear people interested in art, on 17.April 2:00-8:00 pm my studio will be open for guests.

One could see or buy my limited edition prints, original paintings, ask questions about my art classes for adults or children, find out more about possible projects and bookings for bodypainting, or simply meet me in person, have a nice chat and enjoy a cup of tea.

⚜ Visitors have to call me upon arrival, so I can come and pick them up, the door is locked. 0699 132 29826

05 // March // 2016

Oxymoron Dance Company

Sven Helbig

Bella Volen



A total work of art performance


Dance, body painting and live electronics

Friedrich Wolf Theater,

Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany



Music: Sven Helbig



Director & choreography by Anja Kozik, Oxymoron Dance Company


Painting, costume, stage, photos: Bella Volen,



Raha Nejad, Luana Rossetti, U-Gin Boateng



TEMPO RARE-a format, created by the director Anja Kozik, which sets new artistic impulses. The powerful spirit, strength and depth in the music of composer Sven Helbig are meeting the expressive art of painter Bella Volen.

The dancers Raha Nejad, U-Gin Boateng und Luana Rossetti as a part of this creative process deliver a convincingly extraordinary performance. Creative threads and strings are woven, connected, linked together and showing over and over again a new perspective of space and perception.

12. February 2016

Bella created a white body painting for the amazing Zoë (Zoe Straub), who was the Austrian winner

and will represent Austria at EUROVISION Song Contest in May 2016 in Stockholm.


Photos from here TV performance at ORF.



11.January 2016



A new inspirational video- a visual poem about the dark moments in life.

There are only a few steps between the darkness and the light.

I have never been depressed, but there are millions of people around the world, who are struggling with constant sadness and living with major depression.

This serious illness is the cause for many humans to put their life on hold, stop believing in their dreams, giving up new chances, looking through a black mirror and often the beginning of an alcohol, drugs or medication problems, addiction, sometimes it leads to a bitter end. I believe this life is a gift and not a battle and wish more people to search the happiness and love from within.


Light From Within

fine art body painting & video

Everything visual by Bella Volen

Music: Sven Helbig

Vienna, Austria

January 2016


1.January 2016

Hello and welcome to my new only bodypainting website.
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