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About my paintings

"Art is a bridge connecting people and cultures."
Bella Volen

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."
Napoleon Hill


“How straight you are standing has nothing to do with gravity, but mostly how you cope with the wind!”

I am one of those happy people who knows very well who she is and what she is searching for. I am a painter, a dreamer, a creator of beauty, someone who lives in-between: between the world in my head and the world that happens around me every day.

Art is like breathing. I think it is good to attempt to work in different artistic media and to blend them.

The Time Arrow


My work is a mixture of places and cultures, play and religion, an architecture of jet lag that searches for the true path. As a connecting red thread, a cup of tea serves as a symbol of time. Cups are a symbol of time, present, past and future. The idea comes from the tea ceremony Chanoyu in Japan. Tea ceremony is actually a wrong translation, the correct one is ‘tea way or path.’

If asked
the nature of chanoyu
say it's the sound
of windblown pines
in a painting

~Sen Sotan, (1578-1658)

The taste, intensity, quantity and warmth of the tea are never the same. It is a great example of enjoying and catching the moment. Like haiku poetry, it is only about the present moment.

A big part of my paintings have been inspired by quantum physics and the phenomenon of time.
In Western cultures the time arrow represents a linear concept of time. We remember the past, but not the future, or may be we do sometimes. The psychological time arrow describes our subjective distinction between past and future events. In many old cultures the word for tomorrow and yesterday is the same, also children have a problem to make a difference between today and tomorrow.

“Time is Nature’s way of keeping everything from happening all at once.”

bodypainting_star.pngAbout my paintings in general:

One of the main themes in my paintings  is the transformation of architecture
and space. The reality that my eyes perceive.
Tectonic dynamic - a rhythm in form. Flowing musical movement.
Delicate tactility; melting  borders.
The spaces I choose are sometimes known locations. I make them like a small world with it’s own balance and rules of form with  continuous circling lines. A game of warm and cold colours.
The human in this world is searching, asking, staring, a little bit dreamy, consciously expecting, answering of our questions, speechless communication with our thoughts. My protagonists  are people who I know and have been impressed with. They are different, but in my paintings, all of them represent a part of my character. They know what they are searching for. They always do their best, they appreciate and enjoy the moment - the time which plays with us as we do with snowballs. The staring eye, has so much to say.
Unexpected or exact, they find and reach their inner aim.

Art is a mirror – let’s change the reflection!