3D Effects Paintloons - Balloon art meets paint 

Tuition: english.gif on request: german.gif bulgarian.gif dutch.gif

workshop+ hands on





Paintloons is something new, not borrowed and not only blue, a fresh wind for your creations, a cheaper way to design bigger projects, which impresses, but doesn't make your model suffer, very light, simple to transport and easy to wear. Paintloons open up endless possibilities.

• Part 1:

Beginners workshop, introduction in balloon techniques.
Learning step by step hands on how to create your own balloon designs, wearable and special hats, accessories and different parts, which could be attached to the body, etc.

• Part 2:
Balloon demo painting. Explanation of the Paintloons painting technique, use of different paint products, the combination with the human skin, body painting and the Paintloons as 3D FX attachment.

• Part 3:

Demo: The ready paintloons will be combined with body painting and attached to the body

• Part 4:
Hands on- creating your own Paintloons