I believe art is a mirror.


It reflects, on one hand, the spirit of our time, on another what lies within you.


When we change the reflection and focus on transforming everything into harmony and beauty we change somehow the spirit of our time too.


 The process of creating is often a gap in time. It is a magical loophole, a happy peaceful place of the so-called No Mind condition, a deep meditation, where your soul speaks, but the profane human self sleeps.


I think the essence of us humans is invisible and free. The invisible elements are many, but all very important. They are: the time, the spirit, the soul, the power from within, the power in everything (some call Baraka), the thoughts, the ideas, the goals, our hopes, our feelings, believe and faith, the courage, the bravery, the strength, persistence, stamina, love, trust, friendship. These are the elements I am mostly interested in.


There are also negative ones, but we don’t need to think or talk about them.


In my work, I try to catch the special moments of the present. The present itself is just the edge between past and future, and before we try to grasp it, it is gone.





























The canvas painting is diving into eternity, into a dreamland. Bodypainting is an art form of the moment, a bridge between the most human tribal traditions and contemporary art.


The total work of art is my biggest passion, where all our senses are activated and different visual qualities, layers, sound, words, movement are melted in one. This is the reason why I create, not only canvas paintings, murals, bodypainting photography art prints, but also short videos, I call Visual Poems.


Some of my paintings have been inspired by quantum physics and the phenomenon of time. My work is a mixture of places and cultures, a search for the true path, a tea ceremony of the future, tectonic dynamic - a rhythm in form, flowing musical movements, delicate tactility, and melting borders.


I am a moment hunter, searching between the time and the unspoken words. Running after brave dreams, believing in wonders, this is my nature.


Music has been always a huge inspiration. Music is the most powerful art form, as a time machine it brings back memories and feelings.


I am working on my music art collection since 2013, it transforms canvas, real body painted people and musical instruments in one installation because we all are connected.


Art is a mirror – let’s change the reflection!


"If asked

the nature of chanoyu (tea ceremony)

say it's the sound

of windblown pines

in a painting"


~Sen Sotan, (1578-1658)


This is what I am trying to create, paintings, which are alive. I am always working on the „windblown trees“ in my work.


bella volen



bella volen
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bella volen
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