All classes can be for a group or for a single person.

 Workshops can be organized in the whole world, or in my studio in Vienna.


Different Body Painting Classes
Painting  on canvas & paper


Composition, construction, color theory, perception, and perspective are the most important parts of the artist language alphabet.


For example, you cannot write a good poem in French if you do not know the alphabet and its vocabulary. If you have a talent for poetry, you must first learn how to use the alphabet and language to magically spin the words. If you want to break certain rules to create something new, you must learn them first.


Unfortunately, inspiration does not always guide us. To be a professional artist means being able to create in every moment, without waiting for a muse’s kiss.


I will show you in a game of transformation of forms how to create in a special way.


Different Body Painting Classes:








 Included in the plan are:

- The perspective as a tool

- Human proportion and how to use them

- Brush strokes and styles

- Structures & form

- Patterns & contrast

- Shading, highlights, shadow

- The line




Objective body painting

Abstract body painting

History of body painting & body art

Color theory and design
Portrait body painting

Fashion body painting

Commercial body painting

Ultra Violet body painting

Competition body painting

Fine art body painting


My bodypainting workshops website:

- Time planning

- The different products

- Different brushes

- The design & use of color

- Paintings for close ups and stage


Body painting workshops photos

World Bodypainting Academy  workshops in South Korea 2014




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