What are the bodypainting costs?


Bodypainting costs can vary depending on any specials and extras of the design and/or the amount of models required.

Bella will adapt the costs as precisely as possible to your inquiry.


Transport, accommodation, and the catering costs for the artist and models will be billed, or have to be provided.


Price factors

The bodypainting price depends on:
whole body, part body, with hair sculpture or not, private or for companies, for advertising, for tv, time required, design difficulty level, bodypainting kind, number of paintings (how many models),  can I paint alone or do I need more artists, with costume or only painting, with or without layouts in advance and how many


Price for the models

Here I distinguish between the tasks and abilities needed for the job: bodypainting model, dancer, actor, acrobat, singer. Not every fashion model can be a body painting model. A bodypainting model needs a lot of patience (not to move or talk), good skin, flexible body, easy going personality, friendly and kind.




What are the costs of fine art services, photography ?


All canvas or mural prices can vary depending on the size, images to be painted, direction-realistic, decorative or abstract, amount of details, time and deadline.


In my online shop I have a few ready packages for canvas portrait painting, photography portrait, private bodypainting photo shooting for one person, but also for two people together.


For other commission please go to my contact page, there you will find a booking request forms.




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