The different kinds of body painting


Depending on your goal body painting can be used in different manners.


  • Illusion body painting
  • Fine art body painting
  • Camouflage body painting
  • Installation body painting
  • Body painting with illustration elements
  • Character or creature
  • Paintloon body painting
  • UV painting
  • Action painting
  • Fashion body painting
  • Waterproof painting
  • Special effects


Illusion body painting


The human body can transform info an animal, plant, stone, or an object.






















Fine art body painting

Fine art body painting is only about the creation itself. It is a delicate artwork full of style, where the body and its possible sex appeal, gender, and shapes are transformed into a living canvas. Very often, this style of work is combined with a painted background or merging in a cityscape, landscape or a living situation. It could incorporate the space and objects into the artwork. There is a connection between fine art body painting, assemblage, and the creation of illusions between 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional surfaces. One of the main elements in this art movement is the harmony of shapes, rhythm and colors. My fine art body painting combines mainly painted canvas works, the painted human bodies and sometimes music instruments or objects merging in one composition. Photographed and printed on canvas or fine art paper they are ready to be exhibited or hang in private homes or corporate building. For a simple, understandable parallel, fine art body painting is similar to the haute couture in the fashion industry. It combines highest quality, smart concept, delicate color choice, taste and design knowledge.




















Camouflage body painting

Depending on the situation the model is camouflaged into, the painting can be with Illustrations or pictures in either figurative or abstract form. The model could be also transformed as an object. This solution is commonly used in fine art body painting or for classic advertisements, often topped with the customers logo or advertising background.

Installation body painting

Installation body painting is a meeting point of different art directions and visual aspects. Examples include a combination of assemblage art, land art, fashion, stage design, costumes, props, objects, sculptures, plants,  performance and painted bodies. The boundary between fine art body painting, camouflage and installation body painting are sometimes very thin.


Body painting with illustration elements:

The painted body represents a story or theme. These paintings can be objective, realistic, or in more abstract style. Very often this style will be used for commercial events and body painting competitions. In this case, the art work can be combined also with company logos and campaigns.

Character or creature body painting:

The model is transformed into a fantasy character or creature inspired by animalistic, fashion, nature or technoid input.

Paintloon body painting:

Paintloon is a creative idea of fine artist and body painter Bella Volen.

Paintloon is a combination of painted balloon sculpting, body painting and occasionally LED light technology. Latex balloons create a new extension for the artist to paint on, allowing the ability to merge the body or composition fully with any additional parts into one design.

UV body painting:

Another unique medium is Blacklight Bodypaint. These colors can only be seen under the influence of UV–light. UV painting is great in dance clubs, art performances, or anything in a low light setting.

Action painting:

During an action–painting performance, pre–painted models are being fast painted or splashed live on stage in front of an audience. Differing from other techniques, the weight here lies on the creating–process itself, and not as much on the final result. The model’s appearances change continuously and the artwork transforms with the sounds of music.

Fashion body painting:

Here we can talk about a combination of fashion elements and all kinds of body painting techniques. This direction can imitate a fashion style or be combined with the work of fashion designers for fashions shows and photo shootings.

Waterproof body painting:

Using special paints and techniques we can provide body paintings that are waterproof and can therefore be photographed or filmed under water or used for extreme sport like boxing, swimming or dancing.

Special effects:

In body painting, this means the use of prosthetics (often latex or silicone), or any other feature applied to a living body, as often seen in movies.



Airbrush body painting:

An airbrush is a small, air-operated tool, an airbrush gun, that sprays a liquid body painting color. The airbrush colors are not as intense and powerful as appearance as the so called brush/ cake body painting colors. Many airbrush painters use mainly stencils and less free hand painting. Bella Volen is a classically trained painter with an MA in painting and works mainly with brushes and not with an airbrush.

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