How long is the durability of a body painting and how can it be removed?


Bodypainting is an artwork that lasts for one day that will simply be washed off in the shower using regular shower gel or soap, but with a sponge and warm water. With these paints there are no limitations as everything can be painted on the skin.


The temporary tattoos or glitter tattoos are special and long-lasting (up to 3–7 days).


These tattoos are waterproof and one could, shower, swim, run, perform and so on, without the risk of smearing.

I use them mainly for Thai boxing clients. They have sponsors for all the fights and I paint a water proof sponsor logo on their back.


With temporary tattoos, there are more limitations to the artistic work, since they consist of a glue and glitter combined with alcohol special effects based water proof paint. A logo with normal bodypainting colors looks better, but is not waterproof.




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