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Sehr geehrte Online-Reisende, herzlich willkommen auf meiner Website. Hier im News-Bereich finden Sie anstehende und vergangene Projekte aus allen Richtungen meiner kreativen Arbeit.

bella volen exhibition
artist studio Bella Volen, kunstatelier in wien

NEWS 2021

July 2021


Jury Member

Jury Member at the World Bodypainting Festival 2021



July 2021



-Illustrations for a new board game

-A mural painting commission

-Interior design for MDI


Photos & videos are coming up soon



June 2021


Art Classes

Teaching painting & portrait drawing at the summer academy SOAK in Greece.




Stories from the human world

with Bella Volen


Episode #2

World Of Emotions



Stories from the human world

with Bella Volen


Episode #1

The Human Journey

January 2021



Commission canvas painting with invisible UV paint for an advertising video spot




Gemälde Aufträge mit unsichtbaren UV Farben für ein Werbespot

NEWS 2020

February-November 2020



Commission Illustrations


I have created many Illustrations for two new brand board game, which are dedicated to a very beautiful touristic location in Austria. HOCHKÖNIG & IN THE WHITE HORSE INN



Illustrationen Auftrag

Ich habe viele Illustrationen für zwei brandneue Brettspiele gemalt.
Die Spiele zeigen die schöne Gegende von HOCHKÖNIG & das traumhafte Hotel IM WEISSEN RÖSSL am Wolfgangsee,


illustration, illustrator

Commission Illustrations 4 BOARD GAMES

Illustrationen Auftrag für 4 BRETTSPIELE

Vienna, Austria, 2019-2020

Order games here:


illustration, illustrator

Commission Illustrations for the board game In The White Horse Inn

Illustrationen Auftrag für das Brettspiel Im Weissen Rössl


Wien, Österreich 2020

Hier können Sie Spiele bestellen:


Commission Illustrations for the board game In The White Horse Inn

Illustrationen Auftrag für das Brettspiel Im Weissen Rössl


Vienna, Austria 2020

Order games here:


Commission Illustrations BOARD GAME- Hochkönig

Illustrationen Auftrag für das BRETTSPIEL HOCHKÖNIG



Vienna, Austria, 2020

Order games here:


December 2019- September 2020



Interior Commission


Interior Re-Design & Acoustic solutions for the office of MDI

photos & layouts coming up soon



Interior Auftrag

Interior Re-Design & Akustische Lösungen für das Büro von MDI

Fotos und Layouts folgen in Kürze



JULY 2020



Installation Art Project: CONNECTED


A side event project in Klagenfurt during the World Bodypainting Festival Covid Edition 2020.
As a judge of the festival, I was invited to create a project during the festival week.




Here you can read about the installation idea and see more photos

Installation Kunst Projekt im Öffentlichen Raum in Klagenfurt

Als Jurorin bei der Weltmeisterschaft für Bodypainting, war ich eingeladen eine Kunst Installation in der Event Woche zu zeigen.

Model: Melanie


Hier können Sie mehr über die Idee dahinter erfahren und weitere Fotos sehen.


kunst im öffentlichen raum, Kunst Installation
logo bodypainting wien


Logo branding, bodypainting commission for a Piano House


Logo Körpermalerei Auftragsarbeit für Klavierhaus Langer

Klagenfurt, Austria, 2020
Model: Melanie


April 2020


Point Of View / Der Standpunkt

Acrylic painting on canvas / Acryl auf Leinwand

Vienna, Austria 2020 / Wien, Österreich 2020

90 x 90 cm / 35.4 x 35.4 in




EN: The point of view in every situation is based on a certain selective perception of the observer. It is sometimes a melting pot of reality and fiction. This point of view has also diverse influences such as the background of the situation, the current mental state, the projections one has, which come from the past. In most cases, we all observe at the same given situation a different element of it. The element in the middle is called a Moebius, in this case, an impossible mathematical shape. I chose this element because it shows the complexity of even simple situations involving more participants. All of the participants can't have the exact same experience.




DE: Der Standpunkt in jeder Situation basiert auf einer bestimmten selektiven Wahrnehmung des Betrachters. Es besteht manchmal eine Verschmelzung zwischen Realität und Fiktion. Diese Sichtweise hat auch verschiedene Einflüsse wie den Hintergrund der Situation, den aktuellen geistigen Zustand, die Projektionen, aus der Vergangenheit, die man mitbringt. In den meisten Fällen beobachten alle Betrachter in derselben gegebenen Situation ein anderes Element davon. Das Element in der Mitte des Bildes heißt Möbius, in diesem Fall eine unmögliche mathematische Form. Ich habe dieses Element gewählt, weil es die Komplexität von sogar einfachen Situationen zeigt. Alle Teilnehmer haben eine unterschiedliche Erfahrung.

vienna contemporary art 2020
painting detail
painting detail with a pigeon

THE 3 HARES / Die 3 Feldhasen

Bodypainting & painting video

Vienna, Austria, 2020


bodypainting 3 Hares 2020


5 PAINTINGS commission for an office


The following paintings were created as a commission work for the leadership company MDI.

They are representing 5 directions and locations in Europe.





5 Ineterior Gemälden auf Leinwand

als Auftrag für ein Büro

Die folgende Bilder wurden als Auftragsarbeit für die Österreichische Firma MDI von mir gemalt.

Diese Gemälden representieren 5 Richtungen und Gegende in Europa.



A little inspirational video


I know the current Corona virus situation is very hard for many people and brands.


Stay strong, don't let negative emotions win the game.

The emotional veil could make us blind.


You will find a solution, it might be an extreme washing machine for you right now, a necessary evil, a positive destroyer, which will bring new options, new ideas and ways for a better life.


Stay on track, it is all in your hands. Imagine the bird view perspective from above, while you are at the current low frog in the grass perspective.


Change is inevitable. Feel it, believe it.

You can always find a solution.


With love & light


Spreading art full of pleasant harmony.


My latest poem




painting, body painting, photography: Bella Volen

Model: Princess Angine
CD COVER for JUDITH by Princess Angine
February 2020, Vienna Austria

fine art body painting; bodypainting in wien
Bodypainting musci album cover
bodypainting austria

Bodypainting for ÖBB

(The Austrian Federal Railways)
Advertising Spot


PPM Filmproduction
Agency: AANDRS
Director: Stepan Usteri
Camera: Igor Vukoi

Bodypainting: Bella Volen

Körpermalerei für ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen)



bodypainting in wien für Öbb
bodypainting making-of
individual color coaching for brands, products and people



Individuelle Beratung für Ihre

Firma, Produkte, Räumlichkeiten oder Aussehen.

23.February 2020

Illustrations making-of photos for a new board game.


Illustrationen in der Entstehung für ein neues Brettspiel


illustrationen handgemalt

22.Februar 2020

A press article about my clients MANDULIS and their board game projects, which I am illustrating. We are currently working on the third game.


Firmenportrait, Interview mit Mandulis, die Hersteller von den ONE DAY IN Brettspiele, die ich illustriere.
Zum online nachlesen:
Die Presse


Die Presse, Zeitungsartrikel

December 2019 - March 2020

I am working on a total design commission for the leadership company MDI.
The project involves creative re-design of an office with new custom made by me painting, painted objects, new wall colors, new furnitures and soundproof curtains.
Some photos will be online after 20.March.


Ich arbeite an einer Gesamtdesign Auftragsarbeit für das Führungsunternehmen MDI.

Das Projekt beinhaltet die kreative Neugestaltung eines Büros mit neuen von mir angefertigten Gemälden, bemalten Objekten, neuen Wandfarben, neuen Möbeln und Schallschutz Vorhängen.
Fotos von dem Projekt werde ab dem 20.März online.






The element of light brings magic and mystery. Our show package combines LED visual light poi with a painted costume and bodypainting.

The show is a project by Bella Volen & Benoît from BB CIRCUS.

For bookings, we can create costumes & bodypainting based on the client's wishes. The LED patterns will be matched to the visual look and the event theme, they can also include text or the client's logo.

The package can be also with fire instead of LED.






Das Element Licht bringt ein magisches und geheimnisvolles Gefühl.

Unser Show-Paket kombiniert die so gennannten LED-Visual Poi mit einem bemalten Kostüm und Bodypainting. Die Show ist ein Projekt von Bella Volen & Benoît von BB CIRCUS. Für Buchungen können wir Kostüme und Bodypainting nach den Wünschen des Kunden erstellen. Die LED-Muster werden auf das visuelle Erscheinungsbild und das Veranstaltungsthema abgestimmt. Die LED Lichter können auch Text oder das Kundenlogo enthalten. Das Paket kann auch mit Feuer anstelle von LED sein.




29 Mai - 19 June 2020, Greece

Teaching acrylic painting & nude figure drawing at the SOAK-summer academy in Greece, on the island Zakynthos.


Acrylmalerei & Aktzeichnen Unterricht an der Sommer Akademie SOAK auf Zakynthos, Griechenland


NEWS 2019

SOAK sommerakademie acrylmalerei kurs
SOAK sommerakademie aktzeichnen kurs



filming July 2019-presentation November 2019


Bodypainting & costume for an animal documentary film for TERRA MATER


Körperbemalung & kostüm für einen Dokumentarfilm für TERRA MATER

TV Ausstrahlung von einem Teil davon am 27.11 um 20:15 auf ServusTV




Liebe Kunst Freunde, am 16.November können Sie mich und viele andere Künstler besuchen.




16. November 2019

von 14:00-22:00 Uhr


1120 Wien, Aichholzgasse 51-53



Kunstschaffende des Kunstquartier öffnen ihre Ateliers.


Das Kunstquartier Wien Meidling ist ein Atelierhaus, in dem

rund 80 Künstler*innen und Kreative arbeiten: Malerei, Zeichnung, Druckgrafik, Illustration, Bildhauerei, Fotografie, Film & Video, Installation, Objektkunst, Performance, Körperkunst, Sound Design, Musik, Mode und Textil. 30 öffnen ihre Ateliers.

31. Oktober 2019

  New canvas painting



Vienna, Austria 2019 / Wien, Österreich 2019

105 x 115 cm /41.3 x 45.2 in




FourTe is the combined power and mastermind result of the unity of four elements. In music, forte is used for louder, stronger sound. FourTe means the same using the word four within as well.


Gemälde auf Leinwand



FourTe ist das kombinierte Kraft- und Mastermind-Ergebnis der Einheit von vier Elementen.

In der Musik wird forte für einen lauteren und stärkeren Klang verwendet.

Größe: 105 x 115 cm

Wien, Österreich 2019

Oktober 2019

  New canvas painting


is a word I created for this painting. It represents the unity of the five elements: water, air, earth, fire, and ether.

I was searching for a word/symbol close to the trinity, but representing 5 elements and having a flexible meaning. Since I could not find a symbol free of stigma and strange history I made a word for it.


Acrylic painting on canvas

Size: 105 x 115 cm /41.3 x 45.2 in

Vienna, Austria 2019

Available on my online store



Gemälde auf Leinwand



ist ein Wort, das ich für dieses Gemälde erfunden habe. Es repräsentiert die Einheit der fünf Elemente: Wasser, Luft, Erde, Feuer und Äther.

Ich habe nach einem Wort / Symbol ähnlich wie der Dreifaltigkeit gesucht, das aber 5 Elemente repräsentiert und eine flexible Bedeutung hat. Da ich kein Symbol finden konnte, das frei von Stigmatisierung und fremder Geschichte war, habe ich mir ein Wort dafür überlegt.


Größe: 105x115 cm

Wien, Österreich 2019
Das Bild kann hier gekauft werden.


contemporary painting vienna

July-September 2019

  Commission illustrations & layout for ONE DAY IN VILLACH

A board game for family and friends with beautiful attractions from the city of Villach in Austria.

The game has a summer & winter side. All the locations are real and can be visited.

Idea & production: Mandulis Art

Painted illustrations & digital layout: Bella Volen


Location website:



  Auftrag Illustrationen für ONE DA IN VILLACH

Brettspiel für Familien & Freunde mit spannenden Orten in Villach, Österreich.

Das Spiel hat eine Sommer und eine Winterseite.

Alle Orte sind echt und können in der Wirklichkeit besichtigt werden.



Board game illustration- One Day in Villach / Brettspiel Illustration
Board game illustration- One Day in Villach Summer/ Brettspiel Illustration Sommer Seite
Board game illustration- One Day in Villach Winter/ Brettspiel Illustration Winter
illustration / Illustrator / Burg Landskron

August 2019

The Amazon forest is on fire, Russia and Indonesia too. Each one of us has multiple ways to help and create a change.
Support organizations such as Earth Alliance, Rainforest Trust, Greenpeace, WFF, Rainforest Alliance,

You can donate here:



This artwork was created on 24. August in Vienna, Austria

painting, body painting, photography: Bella Volen

Model: Benedek Nagy

A video is coming up soon.


Find more about the project here:

 amazon on fire brazil - art project

August 2019

There are already 5 Club Divine lounge music albums with my artwork on the cover.




Es gibt bereits 5 Club Divine Lounge Cd Alben mit meiner Kunst am Cover


11-13 July 2019, Klagenfurt, Austria

World Bodypainting Installation Award JURY MEMBER

 /Jury coordination, artists communication, moderation, archive material: video & photography/


World Bodypainting Installation Award JURY MITGLIED

 /Jurykoordination, Künstlerkommunikation, Moderation, Archivmaterial: Video & Fotografie/




7-21 June 2019, Greece

Teaching portrait & acrylic painting at the SOAK-summer academy in Greece, on the island Zakynthos.


Unterricht an der Sommer Akademie auf Zakynthos, Griechenland


Zwei Kurse: Acrylmalerei & Portrait


Canvas painting, making of video, TRINITY (W. S. B)

Malerei auf Leinwand Enstehung Video, TRINITÄT (W. S. S.)

Vienna, Austria, 2019



Size: 53.1 x 94.4 in
Vienna, Austria, 2019




Größe: 135 x 240 cm
Wien, 2019


Client / Kunde: MDI Management Development GmbH







Painted water color illustrations & layout: Bella Volen 2018/2019
Aquarell gemalte Illustrationen & Layout: Bella Volen 2018/2019


Design, idea, production: Mandulis Art
Design Konzept, Idee, Produktion: Mandulis Art


Location / Ort: Saalbach-Hinterglemm




9-11 February 2019, New Delhi, India

Performance for the India Design Week

Booking agency: WB-Production



Costumes & bodypainting commission work

Location: India Luxury Design Week 2019


"Color Of The Year" performance


My booking agent: Wb-Production

Booking partner: Thru Connections
February 2019

Performers: Luana Rossetti, Chiara Fersini, Raphaela


Kostüme & Körperkunst Auftrag in New Delhi, INDIEN


more photos / weitere Fotos


6-7 February 2019, Berlin, Germany 2019

Commercial commission body painting for Evelina Apples.

Booking agency: WB-Production

Photos coming up soon.


Komerzieles Bodypainting für Evelina Äpfel in Berlin.

Arbeit im Auftrag von WB-Production.

Fotos kommen bald.


10-22 JANUARY 2019, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Africa


Participation at the first edition of the Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival.

A show with international artists in an amazing park in Malabo.


Event on Instagram / Event on Facebook


Teilnahme an der ersten Ausgabe des Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival.

Eine Show mit internationalen Künstlern in einem wunderschönen Park in Malabo.

Installation and bodypainting by Bella Volen & Birgit Mörtl.

This project was created in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Africa during the first issue of the Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival in January 2019.


NEWS 2018


November & December

Commission illustrations for a winter resort game.

The photos are coming up soon.


Auftrag Illustrationen für ein Ski-Gebiet Spiel.

Fotos folgen bald.





Neue Gemälden auf Leinwand

October 2018


Costumes & bodypainting commission work in Jodhpur, Rajastan, INDIA


Kostüme & Körperkunst Auftrag in Jodhpur, Rajastan, INDIEN

My booking agent: Wb-Production



October 2018


Dog painting donation for Dogs of Art-charity exhibition for Animal Care Austria.

It was a part of the annual Animal Care Gala in Ritz-Carlton Vienna.


Hund Portrait Charity Gemälde für Hunde der Kunst-Charity Ausstellung für Animal Care Austria.

Die Ausstellung war ein Teil von dem jährlichen Animal Care Gala im Ritz-Carlton Vienna.





Commission project for WWF Austria

Costumes, bodypainting, photos: Bella Volen


20. September 2018, MQ Wien



WB Production


The WWF Austria is committed to a strong European water protection around the Water conference, which was this week in Vienna, Astria. Together with the Vienna based artist Bella Volen, a bodypainting performance took place in the inner courtyard of the Museums Quartier on Thursday, September 20., at 9 o'clock. The focus was to draw attention to the poor state of Europe's waters as well as the need for better protection. Rivers and their diverse creatures are the subject of the painting and present two possibilities: real protection of the water and an enchanting biodiversity or a weakening of the Water Framework Directive and its fatal consequences for water, flora, fauna and humans. Around noon, about 100 committed activists took part in a dance performance hosted by the WWF youth organization Generation Earth. The idea was an appeal to the participants of the conference to campaign for more ecological water protection.



Auftragsarbeit für WWF Österreich


WWF-Aktion zur EU-Wasserkonferenz


Kostüm, Körpermalerei, Fotos: Bella Volen


20. September 2018, MQ Wien



WB Production


Der  WWF Österreich engagiert sich rund um die Wasserkonferenz für einen starken europäischen Gewässerschutz. Gemeinsam mit der Wiener Künstlerin Bella Volen wurde am Donnerstag, 20.September, um 9:00 Uhr eine Bodypainting-Performance im Innenhof des Museumsquartiers auf den schlechten Zustand von Europas Gewässern sowie auf die Notwendigkeit eines besseren Schutzes aufmerksam. Flüsse und ihre vielfältigen Lebewesen sind das Thema der Bemalung. Die Bemalungen zeigen zwei Möglichkeiten auf: echten Gewässerschutz und eine bezaubernde Artenvielfalt oder aber eine Abschwächung der Wasserrahmen-Richtlinie und deren fatale Folgen für Wasser, Flora, Fauna und Menschen. Zu Mittag appellierten rund 100 engagierte Aktivistinnen und Aktivisten in einer Tanzperformance der WWF-Jugendorganisation Generation Earth an die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer der Konferenz, sich für mehr ökologischen Gewässerschutz stark zu machen.

Private Bodypainting / Private Körpermalerei

September 2018



New commission canvas painting & bodypainting

for HUMA ELEVEN Shopping Mall in Vienna


Neues Bild auf Leinwand & Bodypainting für HUMA ELEVEN, Einkaufszentrum in Wien


14. September 2018


Painting size: 90 x 90 cm / 78.7 x 78.7 in


Bodypainting, painting & photos: Bella Volen



WB Production

IDEAL︱Agentur für Live-Marketing

Agentur Daniela Jonas


New canvas painting

Neues Bild auf Leinwand


September 2018

The Compass 2, External Internal Influences

Acrylic painting on canvas

90 x 90 cm


The powerful, deep wish and search for the right path, direction, goal, calling in life is the only door, which can close the programmed bug in our human software, the inner black hole. That black hole is our own, personal devil, which consumes your power. There are no substances, wild events, money, clothes, food, or external objects, which can fill that gap. And how could something purely external be the answer to something from within,  when the most important and valuable things such as the essence of us humans, our intellect, talent, love, passion, friendship, faith, trust etc. are not of a material mater.

The inner black hole is not there to disturb you but to teach you and guide you to find the light.



Kommerzielle Körpermalerei für Corset, Messe in Salzburg

Commission Bodypainting for Corset at a trade show in Salzburg


Bodypainting & photos: Bella Volen

Booking agency: WB-Production
Model: Daniela

New conceptual fine art photography

Neue inszenierte Kunst Fotografie


August 2018


Find more photos here:
Hier finden Sie mehrere Bilder davon:




8-15 JULY 2018

Installation Art Award Jury Member


2 days portrait drawing & painting workshops at the



Two promotion bodypaintings created in Klagenfurt. One was created for the beautiful hotel Sandwith and another one for the city of Klagenfurt itself. The bodypainting for the city was in the company of the councilor of Klagenfurt.

July 2018


Bodypainting & photos: Bella Volen

Booking: WB Production

Models: Angelika & Raphaela


Videography & edit for a martial art video with shaolin coach Manuel Scherzer.


English & German version



Camera & Videoschnitt für ein Kampfsport Video für den Shaolin Lehrer Manuel Scherzer


Ein Video auf Englisch und eins auf Deutsch

 German version / Deutsche Version

English version / Die Videoversion auf Englisch

Private bodypainting commission for a couple

Private Körpermalerei für ein Paar


Painting & bodypainting, photos: Bella Volen

Vienna, Austria, June 2018

Vegan Life / Veganes Leben

Painting & bodypainting, photos, video: Bella Volen

Private body painting commission

Vienna, Austria, Mai 2018

Mural painting commission making of video: Yggdrasil-The Tree of Life, 2018

Wandmalerei Entstehung




Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

April 2018


I was very honored to be one week in the desert in Saudi Arabia, and be a part of an amazing international artists crew for the launching event of a huge new cultural amusement and sport complex called Qiddiya. I was a part of the Birgit Mörtl & WB-Production team.


"King Salman officially launched on Saturday, the 28. of April Qiddiya, the entertainment, sports and cultural destination that will be the first of its kind in the Kingdom.


Spanning an area of 334 square kilometers, the new destination is just 40 kilometers west of the Saudi capital, Riyadh.


The ground-breaking ceremony was conducted in the presence of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Chairman of the Public Investment Fund, as well as several princes and ministers and an audience of 300 dignitaries from around the world.


King Salman placed the last baton of the Qiddiya logo, triggering a spectacular firework show that lit up the sky outside the capital.


Startveranstaltung von Qiddiya

Riad, Saudi-Arabien

22- 29 April 2018


Ich bin sehr geehrt, eine Woche in der Wüste von Saudi-Arabien verbracht zu haben als Teil von einem großartigen internationalen Künstlercrew für die Startveranstaltung eines riesigen neuen kulturellen Vergnügungs- und Sportkomplexes namens Qiddiya. Ich war Teil des Teams von Birgit Mörtl & WB-Production.


"König Salman hat am Samstag, dem 28. April offiziell Qiddiya ins Leben gerufen, das Unterhaltungs-, Sport- und Kulturzentrum, das das erste seiner Art im Königreich sein wird.


Es liegt auf einer Fläche von 334 Quadratkilometern, nur 40 Kilometer westlich der saudischen Hauptstadt Riad.


Der Veranstaltung erfolgte in Anwesenheit von Kronprinz Muhammad Bin Salman, stellvertretender Ministerpräsident, Verteidigungsminister und Vorsitzender des öffentlichen Investitionsfonds, sowie mehreren Prinzen und Ministern und einem Auditorium von 300 Würdenträgern aus der ganzen Welt.


König Salman stellte den letzten Stab des Qiddiya-Logos auf und löste eine spektakuläre Feuerwerksshow aus, die den Himmel außerhalb der Hauptstadt erhellte.

Der Q202

Atelier Rundgang 2018


Unser Atelierhaus ist ein Teil von dem Rundgang

Ich bin nur am 20. & 21. April anwesend.


Fr. 20. und Sa. 21. April von 14:00 - 21:00


Aichholzgasse 51-53, Wien 12



Our studio house is open for visitors on 20. & 21. of April from 2:00 - 9:00 pm

The house is open also on the 22.April. I will be there only on the 20. & 21. of April.



Mural painting commission work


 Wandmalerei Auftragsarbeit


April 2018

Mural painting commission making of video

 Wandmalerei Auftrag Entstehung

Mural: February 2018, video: April 2018




MUSIC VIDEO for the band Flamensky


I have created this music video for the Austrian/Spanish band Flamensky and the song Revivir. Their music is beautiful and inspirational. For me it is like a parallel journey on one hand to your inner self, on another hand through the different elements and nature. Their sound is romantic and very synesthetic.


Here you can find their album:

Apple Music:


Google Play:



Music by Rainer Maria Nero & Flamensky

Recorded at RPM Studio Vienna by Arpad Hadnagy

Video by Bella Volen


MUSIKVIDEO für Flamensky und das Lied Revivir


Ich habe dieses Musikvideo für die österreichisch-spanische Band Flamensky und das Lied Revivir gemacht. Ihre Musik ist wunderschön und inspirierend. Für mich ist es wie eine parallele Reise einerseits zu deinem inneren Selbst, andererseits durch die verschiedenen Elemente und die Natur. Die Musik von Flamensky ist romantisch und sehr synästhetisch.


Hier können Sie mehr von Flamensky anhören:

Apple Music:


Google Play:



Musik von Rainer Maria Nero & Flamensky

Aufgenommen in RPM Studio Wien von Arpad Hadnagy

Video: Bella Volen






55 m2 mural on a ceiling with 5 parts.

Night sky painting with a vivid effect through different layers of paint consisting of normal colors, gold, silver and iridescent transparent layers.

As a result, the mural is different from every angle.


Each painting or wall painting of mine is finally sealed with a high-quality acrylic varnish for fine art painting.






55 m2 Wandgemälde auf eine Decke mit 5 Teilen.

Sternehimmel Malerei mit einem lebendigen Effekt durch unterschiedliche Farbschichten bestehend aus normalen Farben, Gold, Silber und irisierenden transparenten Schichten.

Dadurch ist die Wandmalerei von jedem Winkel anders.


Jede Malerei oder Wandmalerei von mir wird zum Schluss mit einem hochwertigen Acryl Lack für Gemälde versiegelt.




NEWS 2017






My art online store has something for everyone's pocket. Art prints, original art, canvas paintings & drawings, vouchers for workshops, online classes, painting commissions, photo packages, art soap and more.

Please let me know if you have any questions.




Mein Kunst Online-Shop hat für jeden etwas dabei. Dort finden Sie Kunstdrucke, Malerei auf Leinwand, Gutscheine für Workshops, Online-Kurse, Gemäldeaufträge, gerne können Sie auch Portrait Fotografie buchen, oder Kunstseifen bestellen.

Für Fragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung.





Kunst Quartier

 Aichholzgasse 51-53


Samstag 18.November 2017


14:00-22:00 Uhr


Das Kunstquartier Meidling ist ein Atelierhaus. Seit 2012 arbeiten hier KünstlerInnen und Kreative aus den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen: Malerei, Zeichnung, Druckgrafik, Illustration, Bildhauerei, Fotografie, Film & Video, Installation, Objektkunst, Performance, Körperkunst, Sound Design, Musik, Mode, Theater, u.a. Anlässlich der Vienna Art Week öffnen viele ihre Ateliers.



14:00-22.00 Uhr

Bella Volen

Kunstquartier, 2. Stock


Verschmelzen von Gemälden, Fotografie und Video durch Augmented Reality Technologie. Bella Volen zeigt Ihre Arbeiten in Verbindung mit Augmentet Reality /Erweiterte Realität Technologie/ durch die ARTIVIVE App. Durch diese Technologie werden Bilder lebendig.


Canvas painting making of video. The work is commission and was created in 4 days at a festival.

August 2017, Ozora, Hungary


May the forest be with you.

Sometimes I ask myself what the trees have seen, how much they know...

The forest is always a perfect location to escape from technology, the battles of the modern world, just to enjoy stillness, and the windblown woods. I wish you all the keep a part of the forest in you.

Painting & video: Bella Volen

Find art prints & original paintings here:


Painted at Ozora Festival official in August 2017 in Hugary

Booking Agency WB Production

Performer: Daniel Schatzdorfer

Bringing ART to LIFE with movement, colours and sound.

Meet the augmented reality app-ARTIVIVE. Thank you Artivive for helping me to expand my work. The following examples are from the Visual Duet exhibition (Emma Hack & Bella Volen) at the Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt. Our exhibition is there till 10.September 2017.

Nequaquam vacuum-Nowhere Is Emptiness

Painting & bodypainting video by Bella Volen

Created for the press conference of the World Bodypainting Festival

on 24.July 2017 in the City Gallery of Klagenfurt.

Model: Raphaela


An exhibition by Emma Hack & Bella Volen

Location: State Gallery in Klagenfurt / Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt

Time: 24.July-10.September 2017



City Gallery Klagenfurt Exhibition


Fine Art Exhibition by Emma Hack & Bella Volen

28-30. July

Bella is a jury member at The World Instalation Award

World Bodypainting Festival Klagenfurt




25. & 27. July

Workshops at WB Academy

Workshop 1-Competition Body Painting

Workshop 2-Portrait Painting on skin

Fine art body painting for the World Bodypainting Festival press conference

in the space of our Visual Duet exhibition in the State Gallery of Klagenfurt.

Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt

Model Raphaela, painting, body painting & photos: Bella Volen

New canvas painting and a making of video

Canvas painting making of
Vienna, Austria 2017

Bella Volen painting
Bella Volen and her painting





3.-6. July

Worksops in Paris, France for SLA Academy

Promotion body painting for Hotel Sandwirth & Ironman in Klagenfurt, Austria
June 2017
Models: Melanie & Nina, Booking WB-Production

21.June 2017



Music video

Idea, painting, video: Bella Volen

Music from the album CLUB DIVINE vol.2 Spread Your Love

The song Colors was composed by Claus O. Riedl,

produced by REDPMUSIC, Arpad Hadnagy,


Find Club Divine vol.2 here:




Google Play:

13. June

New fine art body painting & painting project with photos & video

Colors of Devotion

11.-13. Mai


Promotion body painting, commission for The World Bodypainting Festival in Klagenfurt, Austria.



Exhibition participation at

The Lake-Blue Heaven, Qingdao Internation Spring Art Salon


19.Mai-10.June in Qingdao, China


Fine art body painting at an exhibition opening of The Lake-Blue Heaven, International Spring Art Salon

Bodypainting, painting & video: Bella Volen

Qingdao, China

May 2017


I participated with this installation and two other canvas paintings.

The invited artists came from all around the world.

The painting is a cityscape with a few famous places in Qingdao, a city in eastern Shandong Province on the east coast of China.

Since Qingdao was the birthplace of Taoism/Daoism/ the center of the painting is a Tao temple. The word Dao means way/path, therefore the central part is a path through the temple, symbolically a way through many gates and stages of life, personal, emotional and spiritual growth as human nature, beings, cultures, and countries, but also the path of the inner world of our own body as a temple of the human spirit, power, mind, faith and duality. All these elements of human nature cannot be easily grasped, explained or understood, their existence is similar to beauty or art-it is only in the eyes of the beholder.

News canvas painting for the exhibition in China

18.April 2017


The Spirit of the Moment

Painting on canvas

Making of video

Vienna, Austria


11.April 2017


CD Cover & music promotion video for CLUB DIVINE vol.1 Good Life


Album available here:

iTunes, Amazon, Google Play , DjShop, Spotify, Deezer


Music by COR

© ℗ redpmusic

© Bella Volen,

© WB Production (Bella Volen's booking agent)

My beautiful model is Freckles

April 2017


commercial body painting for The Austrian Chamber of Economy, 3 days trade show in Klagenfurt in February 2017.

As always my booking agent: WB Production

March 2017


New private fine art body painting

February 2017
New canvas painting


February 2017
Participation in a TV show for the art in Vienna, Austria.

W-24 Tv


Teilnahme in einer Tv Sendung- Wien Spezial auf W-24- Das Stadtfernsehen über die Kunstszene in Wien

February 2017


Commercial body painting for The Austrian Chamber of Economy, 3 days trade show in Klagenfurt.

As always my booking agent: WB Production

February 2017


New private fine art body painting

February 2017
New Video from a 2015 ROMEO & JULIET theater-dance production with professional dancers, actors and performers with a handicap.

January 2017


New fine art body painting for a music CD cover

Fine art body painting video by Bella Volen.

Two days commission camouflage bodypainting & dress painting for the company Pharmacyclics

at the ASH Annual Meeting, American Society of Hematology

3-4 December 2016 in San Diego, USA, Booking WB Production

Fine art body painting video by Bella Volen.

The Life Of The Atoms In Love

Two scientists exploring love, biology and physics.

Art meets science.

30. November 2016, Vienna, Austria.

Mural by Bella Volen
Wandmalerei von Bella Volen

17.November 2016

The Garuda

Mural painting step by step making of video.

A commission work for the Garuda Warrior Academy-a martial arts school in Vienna, Austria.

The wall painting was created at the end of August & beginning of September 2016.

Everything is a free hand work. I have not used a projector to transfer the layout.


Der Garuda

Das ist ein Wandmalerei Video. Hier sieht man wie diese Wandmalerei von Anfang an entsteht.

Die Wandmalerei wurde mit freier Hand gezeichnet und gemalt.

Somit meine ich, dass keine Projekzionen benutz worden sind, sondern nur freie Zeichnung direkt auf der Wand.

Die Wandmalerei wurde Ende August/Anfang September gemalt.

6.November 2016
A video form a commission painting for Ozora festival



A new video from an art installation commission for Ozora Festival.

August 2016, Ozora, Hungary

Charity Calender
Kiddy Ribbon 2017


13 body-face paintings for a charity calender for Kiddy Ribbon- support for children with cancer.
12 Austrian celebrities and the daughter of one of them spent one hour under my brush for this wonderful project.
Celebrities:  Amina Dagi, Roxanne Rapp, Angelika Niedetzy, Volker Grohskopf, Alf Poier, Dolores Schmidinger, Herbert Steinböck and his daugther Tochter Klara, Volker Piesczek, Nina Blum, Carmen Kreuzer, Christoph Fälbl and Tanja Duhovich.


The calender was photographed by Christian Postl.
On this website you will find my own photos from the project.



2 hours offer.


This gives you the chance to get support & help for your projects, or just to start learning if you are a beginner.

Send me an e-mail or a whatsapp message after the booking to arrange an appointment.

Languages: English, German, Bulgarian.

I am looking forward to working with you and supporting your growth in the fastest and best possible way.

One of my students already was a World Champion.


30. September 2016





A visual poem by Bella Volen


The poem shows more or less a surreal vision of the world of an addicted person.

The text afterwards is inspirational for those, who feel lost.

This poem is a result of the pain I went trough of not being able to help people I care about with addiction.

I hope there are others ready for a change.

20.August 2016

Vienna, Austria





Paintloon-Balloon Art Project in Thailand

at Central East Ville Festival, Bangkok, Thailand



Oneness- Human Steps



Music video for Katharina Meerle Wickel,,

Fine art body painting & video: Bella Volen

Vienna, Austria, July 2016

11. August 2016


Commercial bodypainting for Acqua Colonia

Cosmetic brand 4711

Vienna, Austria


August 2016

Canvas painting & body painting installation

Ozora, Hungary

July 2016

Workshops & World Installation Award Judge


World Bodypainting Festival

Pörtschach, Austria



30.Mai-13 Juni 2016

Art direction, sculpting & installation

Bangkok, Thailand






The Jungle Book
Film premiere for Walt Disney in Madrid, Spain


23-24. April 2016

2 days WB-Academy workshops in Vienna


INFORMATION HERE in Geraman & English


⚜Dear people interested in art, on 17.April 2:00-8:00 pm my studio will be open for guests.

One could see or buy my limited edition prints, original paintings, ask questions about my art classes for adults or children, find out more about possible projects and bookings for bodypainting, or simply meet me in person, have a nice chat and enjoy a cup of tea.

⚜ Visitors have to call me upon arrival, so I can come and pick them up, the door is locked. 0699 132 29826

05 // March // 2016

Oxymoron Dance Company

Sven Helbig

Bella Volen



A total work of art performance


Dance, body painting and live electronics

Friedrich Wolf Theater,

Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany



Music: Sven Helbig



Director & choreography by Anja Kozik, Oxymoron Dance Company


Painting, costume, stage, photos: Bella Volen,



Raha Nejad, Luana Rossetti, U-Gin Boateng



TEMPO RARE-a format, created by the director Anja Kozik, which sets new artistic impulses. The powerful spirit, strength and depth in the music of composer Sven Helbig are meeting the expressive art of painter Bella Volen.

The dancers Raha Nejad, U-Gin Boateng und Luana Rossetti as a part of this creative process deliver a convincingly extraordinary performance. Creative threads and strings are woven, connected, linked together and showing over and over again a new perspective of space and perception.

12. February 2016

Bella created a white body painting for the amazing Zoë (Zoe Straub), who was the Austrian winner

and will represent Austria at EUROVISION Song Contest in May 2016 in Stockholm.


Photos from here TV performance at ORF.



11.January 2016



A new inspirational video- a visual poem about the dark moments in life.

There are only a few steps between the darkness and the light.

I have never been depressed, but there are millions of people around the world, who are struggling with constant sadness and living with major depression.

This serious illness is the cause for many humans to put their life on hold, stop believing in their dreams, giving up new chances, looking through a black mirror and often the beginning of an alcohol, drugs or medication problems, addiction, sometimes it leads to a bitter end. I believe this life is a gift and not a battle and wish more people to search the happiness and love from within.


Light From Within

fine art body painting & video

Everything visual by Bella Volen

Music: Sven Helbig

Vienna, Austria

January 2016

+43/699 132 29 826, Vienna, Austria


© Copyright Bella Volen 2021


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