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Guido Verhoef
Sculptor, actor, event producer, tv host
The Netherlands


Bella Volen is one of the most professional and talented artist I have had the pleasure of working with on various projects in Europe, Asia and South America. Her unique style and exceptional quality surpasses the canvas, the human body, and paints directly the colors onto your soul.


Graham Rouse
Manager at Rouse Technologies LLC

CENTURY 22. I think of Bella Volen as a 22nd century artist working in the 21st century. She produces some exquisite work and often uses paint on human bodies as well as on balloons. I love her advanced sense of intricate graphics and illuminating sculpture. Often, as in this work, I find it difficult to determine whether her images have been thrust up from centuries past or sent back to us from centuries in the future. But it is wonderful to experience them now.



Ken Goldwasser
Director of Development

The Chelko Foundation - Atlanta, Georgia, USA



I have known Ms. Bella Volen both personally and professionally for four years. Her talent as a fine artist is recognized worldwide and here in the United States.

As a student of the arts, Ms. Volen brings an open mind and a desire to explore the boundaries of pigment and experiment with new techniques, open space and media. As an artist, her body of work has true depth and a distinctive style. Each piece entices the viewer to participate in her vision and be part of the emotional experience.

I have primarily known Ms. Volen as an artist, art competitions judge (for example the WBF Installation Art Award), art teacher and a curator of several exhibitions and projects.

Ms. Volen has not only served on our professional Jury but has been instrumental in curating our Living Art Gallery, a showcase of fine art prints.



Bertrand Orsal


Bella Volen's work speaks for itself. With a fractal search for detail, it plunges us into her dreams and is a delight for all times. In parallel, it is a pleasure to enjoy her professionalism, always focused on her work and ready to give the best for a successful show. We were able to meet at the World Bodypainting Festival. It was a rare opportunity to achieve great photographs with her and her models. I thank her for that and hope to meet again.



Benedek Nagy
Actor & model

Bellas art explores the human being as a whole. Using different techniques always displaying her tremendously high level of knowledge of actual craft, she combines the possibilities of expressing the nature of body, mind and soul. The visual imprint in the viewers head as a consequence, challenges both intuition, intellect and invites to search for a higher cognition level in oneself.






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